Sizing Chart

Our products ideally fit 0 to 6 year old children. Please check your child’s weight and height measurements against the snug-fit chart below to order proper sizing for our 2-piece pajama sets. Snug-fit pajamas tend to run small. We have to do this to adhere to U.S. federal guidelines so we can offer luxurious sleepwear without having to treat the fabric with chemical flame-retardants. 

A good rule of thumb is to take your child’s age and round up to the next size when purchasing snug-fitting sleepwear. For example, for an average 5 year old girl – we would order a size 6. If she is an above average height/weight 6 year old girl, we would order a size 8.

Please note our daywear dresses are not intended for sleepwear and are not snug-fitting. Our daywear dresses fit true to size. 

Hope that helps! Email us at with any questions and we would be happy to help you with sizing!

Sunny with an A size Height of your child Weight of your child Our recommendation
Size 2 30-32 inches 24-27 lbs 0-24 months 
Size 4 32-38 inches 26-33 lbs 2 year olds - average 3 year olds
Size 6 38-42 inches 32-38 lbs Above average 3 years olds to average 5 year olds
Size 8 42-46 inches 37-48 lbs Above average 5 years olds to average 6 year olds
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